Action Items to save yourself from the vulnerability of HeartBleed
The security vulnerability generated from the heartbleed bug requires some action from you if you have your accounts on the following websites:

Here is how to access a shared folder on a network drive.

Use the following command on a DOS command prompt

C:\>pushd \\networkname\sharedfolder


C:\>pushd \\networkIPAddress\sharedfolder

this should take you to a network drive (such as Z:\)

If you want to come back to your local computer drive give the following command


Here is one of my favourite Bhojpuri song.

कवने खोतवा में लुकईलू अहि रे बालम चिड़ई, अहि रे बालम चिड़ई

बन-बन ढुंढ़ली दर दर ढुंढ़ली , ढुंढ़ली नदी के तीरे
सांझ के ढुंढ़ली, रात के ढुंढ़ली, ढुंढ़ली होत फजीरे
जन में ढुंढ़ली, मन में ढुंढ़ली, ढुंढ़ली बीच बजारे
पिया हिया में पैस के ढुंढ़ली, ढुंढ़ली बिरह के मारे
कोने अंतरे में समईलू अहि रे बालम चिड़ई

Making Google Voice and Video Plugin work on Windows 8 Desktop

I recently shifted to Windows 8. Earlier I was using Windows 7 Pro and so I did only an upgrade to Windows 8 so that I did not have to install all my applications all over again.

The upgrade was fine except for one thing. After a few days of upgrade I found that I was unable to make a video or voice call using the Gmail feature. Whenever I tried to make a call, I was asked to install the "Google Voice and Video Chat plugin" and it will take me to this link:

My favourite song from an upcoming movie "Gangs of Wasseypur"!

I have given the lyrics here in proper Devanagari. I am yet to know who wrote the lyrics.

Whatever, do listen to the songs. It has a very touching voice that runs very deep into your ears!


हमनी के छोड़ि के नगरिया ए बाबा
की आरे बाबा छोड़ि दिहले घर परिवार कवन बनवा माई गईली हो
आरे बाबा सूना कई के अंगना-दुआर, कवन बनवा माई गईली हो

आ गऊआं के लोगवा, केहू... केहू से ना बोले
छोटका लईकबा भोरही से आंखे नहि खोले
सुनसान भईली डगरिया ए बाबा
कि आरे बाबा निमिया हो गैल पतझार
कवन बनवा माई गईलि हो