I do not understand why people use applications on the Facebook!!

Don't they know that these apps collect their personal information stored on their Facebook accounts and send them mails and so much of other craps come in with it.
People like me are wary of subscribing to any of such applications. So, if one of you send some message through an application and it does not display fully on my Facebook home page, I am sure that I am not going to see it.

Obviously, because if I click on the "See More" link, it asks me to divulge my personal info to it!!

Bloody FB apps! Leave the guys alone!

Or may be, many out there just like to use such apps because you do not have anything to hide or simply dont care much who asks you what and have enough time to go through all those creepy craps! :-)

Our Wonderful Quotocracy

by Pratap Bhanu Mehta

courtesy: Indian Express

There is a constitutional revolution underway. It has long been in the making. But its full logic is unfolding now. This new type of regime it will beget defies classification. It cannot be captured by the categories bequeathed by those who understood different regime types: Plato or Polybius, Aristotle or Kautilya, Montesquieu or Madison. This new regime is not a monarchy, aristocracy, republic or a democracy. It has its distinct identity, values and institutional frame. Behold all, the rise of Quotocracy! Experience the bliss that is this new dawn.