I was trying to install RxNorm 2014 on my system, a Windows machine and had an issue in installing it properly using the scripts provided in the downloaded files.
The downloaded files have a directory for the scripts. The scripts are meant for different platforms. I was on a Windows machine and for the script was the file with the .bat extension. I edited this file to provide the information on the MySQL installation and configuration for my PC. After this I ran this script. But it gave me an error as shown in the log file created. The error was like this:

"File 'RXNATOMARCHIVE.RRF' not found (Errcode: 2)"

It could not find the RRF files which were necessary to populate the tables.

This was a sure indication it was an error in path. And most likely, you have not read the documentation. If you read the documentation of RxNorm in full, you will find that they tell you to move the scripts and the relevant sql files to the same directory where RRF files are located. That means you need to copy these files one directory back to the RRF directory and run the .bat file once again.
Once this is done, the MySQL installation of RxNorm should be okay.
Please, note if you are not able to edit the .bat file second time after you have done it once, make another copy of the .bat file and run that. Things would go okay.