1. Namaste!



2.The Road to the Taj Mahal

A glimpse of the Taj Mahal from road in front of the Agra Fort and from the market complex at the Taj Mahal.



3.Ashutosh and Emilia's First Marriage Anneversary

First Marriage anneversary of Ashutosh Kumar and Emilia Kumar (Siwek) on 24th Jan, 2009



4.A glipmse of Kumbhalgarh



5.Holi in JNU (2008)

This is a scene of the Holi celebrations at Jhelum Lawns in JNU. This is the last years Holi. Quite animate and raunchi!!!!!!!! :) :) :)



6.Adventure Show at Ramoji Rao Film City

The Adventure Show at Ramoji Rao FIlm CIty. It's called 'Action Show'! See the actions! Enjoy!



7.A panoramic View of the Film City



8.Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremnoy at 5pm in Hyderabad Ramoji Rao Film CIty



9.Sexy Eyes!

The dance shows keep always on in the open for the public! And you can also join in! Wow!


10.The Film city Show

This is an animated ride you get through the specially built cave and annals inside a building in the Film CIty. Look at the animated characters! That is a real fun!


11.The Tower Show

O my God! We kept queued for one hour to experience this three minute show! But it was worth it. Chicken hearts not allowed to enter the tower! :P