Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the areas of specialization as an academic. I have prepared some programs that are described on this site. The most recent and most aspiring among all of them has gone as my M. Phil. dissertation. My M. Phil. dissertation was on a highly endangered and primitive language of the Andaman Islands. This was on Great Andamanese.

The Great Andamanese live presently in a small island called Strait Island some 100 kms away from Port Blair and in Port Blair. They are around 50 in number. This number has increased from 23 since 1977 when they were resettled in the small island.

My dissertation in M. Phil. (Master of Philosophy) was titled as Developing a Computational Framework for theVerb Morphology of Great Andamanese. This also needed the implementation of an algorithm that analyzed the verbal constructions in the GA text written in IPA (Unicode fonts).

The tool was named as the Great Andamanese Verb Analyzer or GAVA for short. This is a web based program that can be accessed and tested on the web. This is featured on the following URL :

The following link will give you the dissertation in PDF format as submitted to the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in July, 2006.

M. Phil. Dissertation

Besides this, there are other works as well done in the last four years on NLP. You can access some of these on the research section of the