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Dissertation: An Introduction

Developing a Computational Framework for the Verb Morphology of Great Andamanese

The dissertation titled " Developing a Computational Framework for the Verb Morphology of Great Andamanese" is divided in five chapters and seven appendices. These are as follows:


          1. Introduction
          2. A Brief Typological Sketch of Great Andamanese
          3. Verb Morphology
          4. The Computational Framework
          5. Conclusions


I. Installation Guide

II. Selective List of Sentences used in the Main Text of the Dissertaition

III. Lexicons

IV. An Exemplar Set of Verb Phrases

V. Informant Details

VI. Pictographic Glimpses

VII. References

The first three chapters give theoretical backgrounds while the fourth one details the implementation technique of the Analyzer developed. The Analyzer developed is called Great Andamanese Verb Analyzer or GAVA, for short. The dissertation was accompanied with a sleek CD distribution which contained the installation guide and the how-to-test the anaylzer.

The appendices are the added information. Pictographic glimpses are worth watching. :-)

The whole dissertation is available for download here in pdf format. The size of the file is 6.3MB.



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