Making Google Voice and Video Plugin work on Windows 8 Desktop

I recently shifted to Windows 8. Earlier I was using Windows 7 Pro and so I did only an upgrade to Windows 8 so that I did not have to install all my applications all over again.

The upgrade was fine except for one thing. After a few days of upgrade I found that I was unable to make a video or voice call using the Gmail feature. Whenever I tried to make a call, I was asked to install the "Google Voice and Video Chat plugin" and it will take me to this link:

I went to this link several times and installed the plugin for umpteen times but of no avail and it will still ask me the same. I read somewhere on the internet that on Windows 8 it is not supported in the Metro Mode but google voice and video runs fine on the desktop mode. Some said that it works fine with Google's Chrome browser. I was never a fan of Google's Chrome and my favorite was always Firefox. But for the Google voice feature, I installed this browser as well.

Again the result was the same. No support for Google voice or video calling on my Windows machine on any of the three browsers.

I had read people saying that if they did a fresh install of Windows 8, it worked for them. But I was not ready to format my C drive and get a three day's job to get this petty plugin working on my new OS.

After some workarounds, I thought of uninstalling everything that was related to Google. So, I uninstalled Google Talk, Google Talk Plugin and Google Chrome. I also removed the data files associated with these applications from my C drive under the users directory.

After all this, I installed the Google Voice and Video Chat plugin again. And, LO, it worked perfectly well in my favorite Firefox!

Then I checked whether it worked with my Internet Explorer as well. But it was not working there. I knew that the install was just fine. So, I went to check the "Add-on Manager" area of it and saw that for Google there were two add-ons. One was "Google Talk ActiveX Plugin" which was already enabled. But there was another one under the Google section itself named "O3DHostControl Class" which was disabled. So, I enabled this too. Closed the Internet Explorer and restarted it. When logged back into gmail in Internet Explorer, the Gmail talk and video feature starting working and I was getting the green little "Video Camera" icon flashed behind my name!

As there is less amount of info about this on the internet, I thought sharing my experience would be helpful to others. Hope it will save some of your time when you shift to Windows 8!



#2 DTR 2013-10-24 02:56
both are active in my IE and still it doesnt work
#1 Darknighter 2013-05-31 05:50
That link actually helped me a lot. The link I was getting was different and I would click the download button but nothing would happen. This one worked great thank you for posting that. Also none of the other help sites had any helpful information for windows 8.

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