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The world of Bisobabu had changed greatly. Both his sons were working in the government and both were married with good dowry. Gulo had got yellow dhoti and kurta in the marriage. Gulai also had given money from his salary to the bride in the face-watching ceremony. The occurrence of people at Bisobabu's had increased.

But Gulo did not blubber like before. Now, when he saw people sitting in the lobby, he came home and asked to prepare tea and refreshments. He said this was the honour of the House.

Bisobabu's house of walls and tin-sheets had once again broken away. A pucca House consisting of twelve rooms had taken in place with a large lobby. Both the brothers had built their houses in Patna. When sometimes the brothers came to the village in any festival, they would say to Gulai shallowly, "Come, Gulai. You'll also stay in Patna." But Gulai refused clearly, "You can make good buildings outside, but what's that for? Make it at your home, in your village, you'll be respected in the locality. Your father will also be respected that his son has built it. Where can we go now leaving the village?" In Gulai's 'we', Bisobabu also included. When the sons went away, Bisobabu praised him, "Wah re Gulai! Wherefrom did you get these things in you head?" Gulai looked for the first time into his master's eyes, "If built, it's you who'll rule."

Only after this, the brothers built the House in the village. From foundation to casting to plastering of this building, Gulai worked as if his youth had returned. He had forgotten his hunger and thirst.

After it was built and with the Entrance ceremony, Gulai caught an unknown disease and stuck to bed. At first the doctors in the village were tried. Then the doctor at the Government hospital was consulted. There were many tests, medicines were prescribed. But there was no improvement. The doctor suggested to take him to Patna, adding that Bisobabu should not have any problem there.

But Bisobabu dared not ask this to his sons. They did not have any sentiment with the respect to Gulai. The elder one had once mentioned something like this, "Father, you see, Gulai is of no use now. Who will look after him when he falls ill. You have also grown old. Gulai should go his own home now. Or else he will become a great 'liability' to you at your age." Bisobabu was mute to hear his son. The son went on. "Though he has no family, he must have some relatives from his brother or nephews. Give him all his salary. Wherever he has his home, he must own his share of the property as well. Anyone will serve him whom he chooses to give it."

Bisobabu did not argue with his son. The sons have their own life. And their own ways of living. He did not think it proper to interfere. The son had also suggested him to leave fanning and lease the land and that there was no benefit in farming. That he should have a personal attendant to look after him.